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Early Years Education Group

Welcome to our Group, a colourful enchanting world for children aged 2 to 6 years. We provide quality early childhood education along with fun and play.

Providing the best start for your child through quality care and early years education.

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Our Nurseries

I was looking for a nursery which had an excellent education system and was very close to my house. A lot of nurseries I visited had a construction site in front of the school. I am so happy that I found New Dubai Nursery. They have a very big space with loads of activities for kids. My daughter was in this nursery for a year before starting with school. I really appreciate how all the staff members were concerned about the kids. They knew each one by their names. The classrooms are not too squeezed with children. Initially the class had approximately 10 kids and later after 6-8 months they were close to 20 kids. My daughter’s progress increased much more in those months. They have 5 school dresses of different colors which the children really enjoy wearing and learning. There is ample scope of parent participation and loads of outing where safety is ensured. They have an on-ground nurse who keeps a check on all the kids and ensures that they are taken care of when unwell. The thing I love the most about New Dubai Nursery is that the teachers and staff truly care and love children. I could think of no better place to give my daughter a head start in life.

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